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CCNY Makerspace Labs

The CCNY Makerspace is dedicated to supporting experiential learning as well as academic, research, and recreational fabrication. The 3000 sq.-ft space houses a variety of digital manufacturing equipment such as 3d-printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, testing and analysis equipment such as DSCs and solar simulators. The Makerspace also has ample work and meeting room, electronic prototyping stations, and consumables for electronic and mechanical prototyping.

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  • Metal 3D Printer:

    • Markforged – Metal X 3D Printer

    • Sinter1

    • Wash-1

  • 3D Printers:

    • Form 2

    • RAISE3D Pro2 Plus 3D Printer

    • Ultimaker 2+ Connect

  • Laser Cutting and Engraving:

    • Laser Cutter - Nova 51

  • Vinyl Cutters:

    • Cricut Maker

  • Test Instruments:

    • Arbitrary/Function Generator AFG1062

    • Oscilloscope-TBS2072


  • Electronics:

    • Soldering Station - HAKKO FM-206

  • Sewing Machines:

    • Singer 8060 Sewing Machine

  • Analytical Instruments:

    • Mettler toledo DSC3

mohamed haroun.png

Mohamed Haroun
Director, Makerspace


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