Whether you’re a New York Start-Up or an established business, the ASRC Sensor CAT can help in the following ways:


  • Access to ASRC facilities

    • Cost Savings to the Company: Leveraging University Instrumentation, Supplies, and Staff Expertise

    • Product Prototyping: Design, Build, and Test

  • Partnerships with CUNY faculty

    • Collaborate with Scientific Experts in Applied Research areas such as:  link to specific initiatives?

  • Business Assistance

    • Hire CUNY Interns

    • Find additional business funding sources: SBIR/STTR, NY Fuzehub

    • Introduction to additional CUNY Entrepreneurial Resources

Generic Funding Mechanism.png
Application Instructions

If you are a NYS company, you are eligible for CAT Funding. If you are interested in applying for funding, send an inquiry through our contact form and someone from the Sensor CAT team will walk you through the application process.

Application Criteria

A CAT Review process focuses on projects prioritizing the following:


  1. Scientific Merit

    • CAT Scientific Review Committee expects proof of principle and novelty of innovation, experimental design and laboratory viability

  2. Market Potential and Commercialization Pathway

    • Demonstrate understanding of target market and its size, competing inventions, regulatory approvals needed, scale-up from laboratory to commercial level

  3. Economic Impact Potential

    • Job creation and revenues within New York State that could arise from your invention in the future and approximate timelines for the impact; willingness to work together with the CAT to report on these points in return for use of this state funding

Available Technologies & Marketing Abstracts
at CUNY Technology Commercialization Office