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Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility

The Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Facility houses the MBE system and ancillary equipment in a class 10,000 cleanroom facility located in City College Center for Discovery and Innovation (CDI) steps across from the ASRC. The MBE facility allows growth of single and mixed-hybrid semiconductor materials and insulators.

Molecular Beam Facility.png


Riber 2300 P Multiple Chamber MBE Growth System

  • Three interconnected chambers for growth of: 1) As-based III-V semiconductor materials, 2) II-VI semiconductor materials, and 3) Te and Se-based 3D topological insulators (TI) V2VI3 and related compounds.

  • The III-V chamber includes Ga, In, Al, As, Si and Be solid sources as well as an As valved cracker cell. The II-VI chamber contains Cd, Zn, Mg, Be, Te, ZnCl2, Bi, Sb and Mn solid sources, a Se valved cracker cell and a Nitrogen rf-plasma source.

  • The third chamber includes Se and Bi sources, as well as an electron beam evaporator for the deposition of refractory metals

  • The three chambers are connected by UHV transfer modules and an interlocked loading chamber. The UHV transfer allows for growth of mixed hybrid structures combining the materials of the different chambers into a single structure.

DCA MBE Chamber

  • For the growth of ZnO and related compounds.

  • Includes an Oxygen plasma source (Oxford) and effusion cells for Zn, Cd and Mg.

Nomarski Olympus Interference Contrast Microscope

Class 100 Laminar Flow Exhaust Hood


Maria Tamargo, Ph.D.
Professor, City College of New York


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