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Next GENeration Environmental Sensors (NGENS) Lab

The NGENS is a shared laboratory that addresses matter related to environmental measurements, monitoring instrumentation and systems. It is developing capabilities in the design, deployment and management of sensors for greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds and particulates.

• Provide access to environmental sensing instruments and technology

• For Academic and Community Groups, Industry, City Administration

• Urban, Suburban and Rural focus

• Sensors for Air, Soil, Water, Climate Change, Noise, Special Applications

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 1.20.48 PM.png

Prototyping Sensor Systems


3D Printing

Laser Cutting / Processing


CNC Mill

Wood / Fiber Working

Hand Tools

Materials Assortment, Fasteners

Electronics and Firmware

Soldering Stations


Signal Generator

Micro-controllers: Arduino, Raspberry

CAD, ECAD, Optical CAD

Optomechanical Bench, Lasers and Sources


Ricardo Toledo-Crow, Ph.D.

Facility Director, Next Generation Environmental Sensors


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