Photonics Core Facility

The Photonics Core Facility is a shared-user facility offering several lasers, light sources, measurement instruments as well as optical and mechanical hardware to support photonics research. A laboratory support room is available with mechanical tools, allowing users to rapidly create experimental setups. The facility also maintains several photonics-related software packages for computational work.


Coherent Mira Hp-f V18 High Power Titanium: Sapphire Tunable Ultrafast Femtosecond Laser, powered by 18w Verdi-g Semiconductor Laser

Coherent Harmonic Generator for Mira Hp (Second And Third Harmonics)

Astrella Integrated Ti:s Amplifier

Horiba Scientific Ihr550 Imaging Spectrometer

J.a. Woollam Ir-vase Ellipsometer

Nkt Photonics Supercontinuum System

Neaspec Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope

Angular Resolved Transmission/Reflection System

Workstations and Numerical Software