Research Areas of Focus

The ASRC Sensor CAT advances the field of sensor technology through scientific research projects which investigate:


  • Novel molecular sensing modalities and materials

  • Cutting-edge development of sensor devices

  • Nanoscale sensor technology and ultrasensitive sensors

  • Interfaces between sensors and their (biological) environments


We welcome projects with a wide-range of applications to improve and understand human and environmental health through sensor technology.

On-Going Research Application Areas

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus (coronavirus that causes COVID-19)​

  • Optical diagnostic device, Vyir, Inc.

  • Viral glycan sensing receptors, Dultech

High-throughput device for 3D cell cultures, Vivo Z

Our Projects

Image by National Cancer Institute


New York, New York

Vivoz Biolabs designs cell culture platforms to mimic dynamic 3D tumor microenvironment. Accurate anti-cancer drug screening can be performed using Vivoz Biolab's innovation. ​


Sihong Wang

City College of New York

Image by CDC


New York, New York

Building sensors for the direct detection of COVID-19 and other envelope viruses.


Adam Braunschweig

Advanced Science Research Center

Image by Jakob Owens


New York, New York

Developing low-cost, high-performance infrared camera. Core technology can be applied to clinical COVID-19 virus detection.


Milan Begliarbekov

Advanced Science Research Center