The ASRC Sensor CAT plans to implement workforce development programs for students in the near future: 

  • Professional Certificates

  • Fellows

  • Internships

  • Entrepreneurship Workshops

Check back here for updates on our programming.

Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer Course

This innovative course will be co-instructed by Prof. Rein Ulijn, Director of Nanoscience Initiative and the ASRC Sensor CAT, and Prof. Scott Newbert, Director of Baruch’s Field Center for Entrepreneurship. The course is offered by GC’s PhD Program in Chemistry in Fall 2021.


This course is ideal for PhD students in the sciences or Master’s students in Nanoscience who have developed a technology in the lab and is curious to find out how to transfer the idea into a prototype and a business model. Students with entrepreneurial spirits who do not have original ideas are also encouraged to participate using CUNY TCO’s technology available for licensing [cuny.edu] as an example to develop their project. 


As a new pilot course, the size of the class will be limited. Please see the flyer for more information and instructions to secure your spot!


CAT Fellows will have opportunities for industrial internships with our industry partners.

Professional Development Workshops

A series of workshops are being planned for doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows on developing personal characteristics and business skills.

Professional Certificates

PhD students, postdocs, and industry researchers will be offered a follow-up course that provides comprehensive professional training in spectroscopy, imaging, nanofabrication or nanoscale characterization, leading to a professional certificate.


CAT Fellow are graduate students or postdoctoral research associates who will carry out 6- or 12-month industry funded projects.